CodeRED Emergency Notification System
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About CodeRED
The CodeRED emergency notification system provides Pipestone County with a high speed telephone calling, e-mail and text messaging system capable of delivering customized emergency messages directly to homes, businesses and mobile telephone users. Notification information can also be sent out to those who follow Pipestone County on social media via Twitter and Facebook. 

CodeRED sends critical communications such as tornado warnings, missing child alerts and evacuation notices.    Residents and businesses are encouraged to register for emergency notification alerts online. When registering, you may contribute additional information if you wish, such as mobile phone numbers, work telephone lines and alternate emergency contact information. Those without internet access can sign-up using computer terminals at your local library in or by calling (507) 825-1170 for assistance. All contact information provided remains private and is only used for emergency notification purposes.   If you have questions about CodeRED, please call (507) 825-1170. CodeRED FAQ's For frequently asked questions about the CodeRED Emergency Notification System see the CodeRED FAQ Guide

Mobile Alert App
Those interested can download the mobile app, for iPhone and Android subscribers for residents and visitors to receive free emergency alerts via push notifications to their smart phones. Click on the mobile app button for sign-up details.